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PGDE History 2024

Hi everyone,
I have applied for Strathclyde, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen for the History PGDE. I was rejected last year in the interview process as I was told I did not know enough about the Scottish Curriculum. Could anyone give any interview tips? When did you hear back from them etc?

Thanks :smile:
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Hi there, I applied for the PGDE History for 2022 entry and was unsuccessful. However, I reapplied for 2023 entry and was successful. I'm doing mine at Glasgow and just about finished my first placement.

Best interview tips that I can give is know about current issues in Scottish secondary education and also in history education. Spend time researching the poverty related attainment gap and the Scottish Attainment Challenge. Be passionate about history, I talked at length about my passion for history. Lastly, talk about the professional qualities that student teachers should have - the GTCS Standards for Provisional Registration is a good starting point - and how you will translate these into the classroom.

I applied in November last year, got 3 interviews: Edinburgh was in December (I got an offer), Glasgow and Strathclyde were at the end of January. I received my Glasgow offer in March, the week that the Aberdeen interviews went out. I withdrew from Strathclyde as Glasgow my first choice.

Please DM me at anytime, if you want more info etc.

Good luck with it all! Keep me posted how you get on!

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