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HELP! Getting into Early childhood careers. Cnfused!


I am currently living in Hong Kong, working in a kindergarten and I am planning to get my PGDE for early childhood studies.

However, I am also planning to move back to UK maybe in 3/4 years time. I have been doing some research that in the UK, I need a EYTS (Early years teaching status) to be able to work in UK, and I dont think the PGDE in Hong Kong is included.

As far as I know, there is a 4 year rule for oversea teachers to teach in UK schools without QTS.

So I am struggling to make decisions.

1. Is PGDE early childhood studies course recognised in UK?

2. Does the 4 year rule apply for PGDE early childhood studies with no EYTS?

3. Will studying PGDE all be nothing in the UK? So should I wait until I get back to UK to study for the early years initial teacher training (EYITT)?


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