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Is this fair?

So, I'm currently in sixth form, taking A-level Biology, BTEC Business, and BTEC Sports. I'm in year 13. Last year, we had our mocks, and our school decided on this rule: if you didn't get a grade E in a subject, you'd have to drop the course. Supposedly, they did this because some students were allowed to continue last year despite failing mocks, which led them to fail the actual exam.
This year has been terrible; I've been dealing with low mood and my mental health. My grades in Math and Chemistry (subjects I used to study before BTEC Sport and Business) were terrible, and I got a grade U. Despite having proved in the past that I can do better, I had to drop the courses as per the rule. Some people failed other courses, and some teachers told them to change course or let them continue. Initially, I didn't mind because, well, it had nothing to do with me.
I pleaded with the Math teacher for another chance; she said she would but ended up not doing so. Along with another classmate who also failed, I begged to remain in the course. However, she hardly gave us the time of day and dismissed us, stating she didn't think we could cope with the course. So, I decided to take a gap year to pursue it on my own, which would cost us money and time, especially since I wanted to take the course.
Some people had to change their future goals and university options due to this decision. Fast forward to today, I learned that one student, like the rest of us, got a grade U but was allowed to continue the course. I find it unbelievable that the teacher, who staunchly opposed changing her decision with us, allowed someone with the same grade as us to stay in the course. Due to her decision, people changed their career paths.
When we initially begged the teacher to let us remain in the course, we assured her we would improve and do better with time. She said she didn't believe that was possible. However, this person who got an ungradable (U) grade like us in the same test managed to get a grade D because she was allowed to remain in the course, contradicting the teacher's stance. We could have been like her or even improved, but she chose to kick us out and keep the student who had the same grade as us in the same test.
To make matters worse, I remembered a parent evening we had a few months after leaving the course. They asked one of my friends, who is still doing the course, if he was doing better since I left, implying that I was a distraction. This angers me because it's untrue. I helped my friend in class; in fact, I practically did all the work. He was confused in that class, yet they blamed me. If they had asked him a question from the starter at the time, he wouldn't have been able to answer it. What's even more enraging is assuming that talking was distracting; the students they kept always talked with another student.
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