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AI in Teaching

My Computer Science Teacher has been asking us questions in our Y13 classes about the use of AI tools such as GPT being used in coursework.

My local government will be discussing the rules on AI use in examined subjects and he thinks their view on it is archaic and ill-informed.

He is interested in gathering opinions from students about how AI should be allowed to be used within education.

His current view is:
AI is an incredibly helpful tool for writing and solving mathematical and algorithmic problems. AI use should be accounted for and perhaps even expected within academic work in the near future. (This is only a short summary, any other questions about his view I will ask him to answer and post the response below.)

Some counterpoints have been:
- Education in younger years develops crucial skills required for more advanced subjects, use of AI count stunt this development.
- AI use is not fair to students who do not have a home computer or access to mobile data.
- AI use is impossible to sanction and assess.

We got in contact with Dr. Nathan Clarke from the University of Plymouth and he shared his view:
- Quality of written critical analysis in coursework is given less marks.
- More emphasis is placed on Practical Work.
- Students create assessed podcasts and other alternative media where they discuss their coursework.
- Asked students to submits notes and early drafts of written work.

What are your thoughts on the use and/or sanctioning of AI within Schoolwork?
At secondary level? At Uni level?

Please share your opinions below and if you have any questions for me or my CS Teacher, Dr. Galan, please ask.
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