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What can I do with my robotic engineering degree
Hey there , first of all congratulations on completing your robotics degree assuming you are done. If you aren't done yet , its great that you are considering your options during your studies .
Although my background is in mechanical engineering , I can say with certainty that your degree equips you with a unique set of skills and knowledge that can lead to various exciting career paths. Here's a breakdown of what you can do with it :

Robotics Engineer: This is the most basic and expected career you can follow . As a robotics engineer, you'll design, build, and maintain robots for various industries. This could involve working on anything from industrial robots used in manufacturing processes to advanced humanoid robots for research purposes.

Education and Academia: If you have a passion for teaching and research, you may pursue a career in academia. With a doctoral degree, you can become a professor or researcher in robotics, inspiring the next generation of engineers and contributing to advancements in the field through your research.

Research and Development: With a strong foundation in robotic engineering, you can pursue a career in research and development. This may involve working in academic institutions, government agencies, or private companies to develop cutting-edge robotic technologies.

Automation Engineer: Automation engineers use their expertise in robotics to develop systems and processes that automate tasks and streamline operations. This could include designing automated production lines in manufacturing or developing robotic systems for logistics and transportation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist: Robotics and AI often go hand in hand. With a background in robotic engineering, you can specialise in AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance the capabilities of robots, enabling them to perform complex tasks and adapt to changing environments.

Medical Robotics: You could work on developing surgical robots for minimally invasive procedures, assistive devices for people with disabilities, or rehabilitation robots for physical therapy.

Aerospace Engineer: Robotics plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry, where autonomous drones, rovers, and spacecraft are used for exploration, surveillance, and transportation and you could take part in any of these area's.

Lastly you could just do your own thing entirely : you could venture into entrepreneurship and start your own robotics company. This could involve developing innovative robotic solutions for specific industries, providing consulting services, or creating educational robotics kits for students.

Overall, a degree in robotic engineering offers a diverse range of career options in industries at the forefront of technology. Whether you're interested in designing robots, conducting research, or applying robotics to solve real-world problems, the possibilities are endless with a background in robotic engineering.
I hope this helps and gives you some more insight but you will need to do more research in your won't time.

Energy Engineering Student
De Montfort University

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