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How do I improve on question 5 in the language paper? I have tried a checklist, but its not really helping me flow with my writing. I have a tendency to overthink for every word and thus i do not tend to write too much.
My best advice for any question is to plan. If you plan your work before, it will seem more cohesive overall. Work out where you want to start and where you’re going, and then anything you want to include in terms of techniques/ ideas etc.
Checklists can work for some people but honestly I think they largely just make people overthink. If I were you, I’d practice writing without one and just see where your writing goes without pressurising yourself to include anything in particular. Then go back through and see what was included when you don’t think about it. You’ll probably be surprised by what comes to you naturally. Then work out anything you’d like to work up to adding, and practice writing sentences and paragraphs including these elements before trying again writing without pressure, or even writing but only specifically aiming to include one specific technique.

Good luck!

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