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Uni revision stratgergies

So I'm at Sheffield studying biochemistry and genetics,
I'm in my first year and have my first assessments coming up.
So we were told that we wouldn't be given any past papers or practice questions.
I have made flashcards and I'm learning the content from them but during A-levels and GCSEs past paper questions were the best
I was wondering what revision strategies people have found best in this sort of situation.
The exams I have are all multiple choice exams and I can't decide if I prefer this and how much details I would need to know
In a situation where past papers or practice questions aren't available for biochemistry and genetics assessments at Sheffield, flashcards can still be beneficial for learning content. However, considering the preference for past papers during A-levels and GCSEs, alternative revision strategies can help. Some effective methods for multiple choice exams include:

Understanding core concepts.

Summarizing key points.

Using mnemonic devices, and practicing with concept-based questions to grasp details without overwhelming yourself.

Experimenting with different approaches can help determine your preferred revision method for these exams.

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