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advice for making the most of year 13

i know this is a bit of a straight-forward question, and obviously you should be using year 13 wisely - but i would like advice on how to 'tackle' year 13 essentially, stay on top of work, managing social life, revision and studying etc. thanks :smile:
get revising for mocks asap once you know when they are, prioritise your work and uni applications as much as possible (ESPECIALLY entrance exams) and get ready for a pretty tough year once you're in the spring term. ofc as you work hard you should play hard so make sure you also enjoy yourself, meet with friends, go out etc. do what makes you happy outside of school - a good balance will allow you to gradually stack on more workload as exam season approaches without feeling completely burnt out. y13 is really a year to prioritise yourself, so do as much as you can to help your long term goals (uni, jobs whatever) while meeting your short terms needs.

for more study related advice i would consider organising yourself and notes with notion, its a great tool (probably better suited to uni life) that can help you better manage your work and revision. id also recommend getting a whiteboard as theyre so nice to have when revising, you dont have to use up a load of paper when blurting or doing problems.

a great way to 'be social' without compromising revision time if youre in a crunch would be to organise group revision sessions with friends, as long as you focus it can be really productive and a much more enjoyable way of revising. the flip side of this would be to know if you and your friends arent productive and, if so, stop revising in groups as this will lead to plenty of wasted time that, while may not be vital, will make you feel as though you are being very unproductive which can add on the pressure

again, make sure to prioritise yourself as best you can, and enjoy the time you have!

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