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uni exams (law)

going into my second year of law now and i have in person exams this year.

i haven't done in person exams in years now so my mind goes blank when it comes to them. how am i supposed to revise for an in person exam at uni?

before uni, i would make flashcards on each topic and memorise information from there. what should i be doing for uni exams?
Hi there :smile:

I have just finished my second year of law at the University of Kent, and I understand that in person exams can be quite difficult to get used to after the changes after Covid-19.

For myself, I found that making notes directly after seminars and lectures can help to enforce my memory. It can be helpful to do this since the start of the year, so you have less to do towards the end of the year.

When I was revising for exams, I found that splitting the content into different topics, and considering possible questions that could be asked for each topic helps. (Perhaps if you are running short on time, not all topics need to be revised).

I found mock exams useful too. As part of preparation, I would write essays for made-up questions and topics. Also, timing the duration of the essays helped me get a better grasp of the exam environment, so I could make better use of the time in exams.

However, it really is up to how you study the best, if flashcards works for you, then definitely include them as part of your revision.:smile:

I hope this helps.
P.S. If you normally take notes on computer, I would also suggest practicing hand writing at a faster pace.

Good luck with second year! :smile:
-Univeristy of Kent

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