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Going to the USA or Canada

Hi there. I am currently a YR12 who is looking to become a solicitor. I mainly want to go to the USA in order to get a JD so that I can eventually relocate and practice there. I understand that I have three options if I want to do this:
1. I can apply for a US Uni straight off the bat and do undergrad there and then do my JD there.
2. I can apply to a school such as UCL or KCL and attempt to get into one of the Dual LLM/J.D. programs which are offered.
3. I can do an LLM in the UK and then apply to do a Grad in the US which will be 3 years here, 3 years US and than 1 year bar, which is the longest out of any of these options if I'm honest.

If anyone knows of any*other options that are open, have done any of these options, don't something completely different or has experience in US practice, your help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
hey, im also interested in going to US unis to eventually get a forensic psychiatry so undergrad then med school then residency etc i think the main concern for me would be the cost so if anyone has some scholarship advice that would be appreciated too

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