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How to write how you spend your holiday
Original post by Stella saka
How to write how you spend your holiday

You first establish whether you're being asked how you "spent" your holiday (past tense) or how you "will spend" your holiday (future tense).

If it's past tense (more likely), then you think back to a recent holiday and describe where you went, what you did, what you saw, etc., trying to make it as interesting and engaging as possible.

If it's future tense (less likely), then you describe where you will go, and what you plan to see and do whilst you are there. This will be necessarily more factual than the past tense version, which is why I think it's less likely that this is what you're being asked to do.
Original post by Stella saka
How to write how you spend your holiday

I’d say support responsible tourism that’s good economically and environmentally.

First consider having your holidays in Britain as that will feed our economy and is good for jobs. It’s best to avoid EU countries if you can. Flying is bad for the environment and did you know short haul European flights are worse for pollution than long haul flights because there are more of them? If we travel abroad less we can cut these short haul flights by 50% and encourage more ferry and train use in Europe if you go there.
We can’t cut long haul flights as there is no ground travel alternative, you can’t drive to USA lol.
I’m not saying don’t go abroad, but do it less often and when you do go make sure it’s a good worthwhile holiday then you’ll be content for a quite a while before your next overseas travels. Canada, US, South East Asia are good destinations.
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