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I graduated with my biomedical science degree in July 2022. I started my PGCE in September 2022 and withdrew from this in March 2023. I applied for a Medical Laboratory Assistant Job and was unsuccessful despite my feedback being positive I took it hard. I also didn't do any extra curricular activities during University and it seemed like a long time since I graduated so felt graduate roles were out of the question. I was unemployed an applying for mainly admin jobs as I wanted something I could leave at the door when I got home as I was burnt out. I accepted a business admin apprenticeship in May 2023 but didn't start this until August 2023 meaning I was unemployed from March until August. I used this time to help family out.

While I love my team and my role, I don't love the apprenticeship. I would love to have a lab based job however, I have limited and out dated experience. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this type of experience?

Many Thanks in advance.

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