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Beyoncé and Taylor Swift fans needed!

I’m currently in my final year of university studying Media and Communications. As part of my final year I need to do dissertation. This is basically a 12,000 word research report on a topic related to my field of study. I’ve chosen to do mine on fan loyalty and artist image between two of the biggest names in Pop music in recent years Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Both are major Pop icons with hyperactive fanbases, which makes them suitable for my research.
As part of my researchI’ve chosen to do a questionnaire. This will allow me to get a better understanding of the dynamics between each artist and their respective fanbase.
The majority of the questions are multiple choice, with a few open-ended as well. It should only really take 5 minutes to complete.
Your response will be completely anonymous, and no personal information will be collected.
Please note that you must be 18+ to participate.
I would be so eternally grateful if you could take the time to complete this, as it will be very beneficial to my research! Thank you!You can find the questionnaire here:
Hi, I'm a huge Swiftie and I have a Masters and 10 years experience working in education and research. There are many Swifitie's on here but you might want to try some Facebook fan sites to build your sample universe - there are some UK specific ones for Taylor. Hope you enjoy the new album when it arrives if you are a fan

Always takes a while to get responses so if you get nervous at first just shake it off, shake it off!

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why do you have to be 18 or older to participate if all responses are anonymous?
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