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opinions on travis kelce x taylor swift??

i just heard there is a travis kelce + taylor swift documentary on hulu and im just one of those people who are like what on earth is going on???
i dont watch american football and i didn't know who travis kelce even was before he started dating taylor but i just feel like he's using her for the fame?? like everything he says is about taylor?? also he tweeted about hating cats like what on earth?????

yes i get that we shouldn't be getting into taylor's personal life and we should be happy for her whatever happens but like is it just me or is their relationship just so publicised?

personally, i'm a joe x taylor girl to heart. i love joe and i love all rep, lover, folklore, evermore. im probably going to get cancelled because im too obsessed but genuinely wish that taylor finds someone that she can grow old with who will genuinely love her for who she is <3
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As a fan of American Football trust me, Travis Kelce is famous in his own right and was so before he met Taylor Swift. Twice a Super Bowl champion, LVII cemented it with the manner of victory and playing against his brother.
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I do think the relationship is genuine and honestly I am so happy for Taylor, that she doesn't have to hide anymore. I was shocked as well when T an Joe broke up after so many years together but the signs were there .. I mean which girl would be comfortable seeing her boyfriend do sex scenes with another woman? Sure it's acting but I wouldn't be able to stand it.
Her relationship with Travis on the other hand feels different because she's so open and we have never seen such candid photos of her like ever? I mean in a pop up Christmas bar with his friends? They look so happy and I am so rooting for them and the whole invisible strings are so awesome too. For non Americans sure we have never heard of him but after listening to a few interviews and his podcast I have to say he gives a good vibe. And in America he is a big deal and I am really happy about that too because then he's used to the whole fame and celebrity routine. Hope they are endgame, and I hope I can help to ease your worry a little.

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