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Platforms to get the Best Deals as a Student

Do you have any great tips on student deals?
Know of any student friendly platforms to stay on budget?
Here are some top tips on how to stay on budget and stretch your money as a student!

Too Good To Go
Although not limited to students, Too Good To Go is an app that connects you with local grocers, restaurants and cafes in your area to minimise food waste! Instead of throwing away perfectly good food that are surplus or about to expire, you can get a surprise bag of groceries, pastries, hot or cold food at a massive discount! Think of it as reserving takeout in advance from a restaurant you would like to try! A friend of mine once managed to snag a whole loaf of sourdough bread at a fraction of the original price!

Supermarket Evening Clearance Sales
Alternatively, grocers like Waitrose and M & S also have great deals on specific items like bread, pastries and sushi in the evenings! This is another great way to treat yourself while getting a good deal!

Take Advantage of Student Deals!
If you did not already know apps like Student Beans, Uni Days and Totum offer great deals for students be it in entertainment, fashion or tech! If you are planning to buy something online or in store be sure to check these apps to see if they have any student deals. For example, if you are looking to get some essential vitamins, Holland & Barret offers some amazing 1 for 1 deals for students on top of existing student discounts!

Facebook Marketplace
Last but not least, Facebook marketplace is the perfect platform for getting things for free! Be it a desk, full length mirror or more chairs for the house, be sure to check Facebook marketplace before buying things off amazon or when you move into a new house during the academic year!

Know of any student friendly platforms that offer amazing deals? Feel free to share or ask any queries you may have about life in Kingston in the comments below! :smile:

Zhi En
(Kingston Student Rep.)
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