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English Resit Class and mocks is it worth going?

Currently i am in sixth form education, 1st year to be exact. I have English gcse class 2 times a week and i kinda find it very boring. Boring to the point i have skipped at least 20 lessons. Rip my attendance.

I find that the English GCSE class doesn't really suit me, I don't like sitting down reading then having to analyse what the book is talking about and picking out points. I much rather be at home, doing past papers, doing specific paper 1 or 2 questions and watching YouTube videos to help me with my answers.
I find that works best for me.

However my teacher says that it is a requirement to attend all lessons but i really don't want to. I also have a mock on the 19th and 22nd February, is that even worth going since it really just throws me off and i just lose the energy to revise afterwards.

Anyone got any suggestions for what i should do?

(srry if its in pieces, its almost 3am and I'm sleep deprived from revision)
Is it not possible for you to try both? It's an annoying fact of life that we have to do stuff we don't want (and lessons can still be boring no matter how high up education you go!), but that doesn't mean you can't look after yourself and revise at home too. Have you had a conversation with your teacher about your absences/explained why it doesn't work for you? Maybe you could try and compromise, or they'll explain things from their perspective.

The thing is that even if you don't think it's useful, any kind of practice is good and your teacher, who (I hope) knows a lot about the subject, thinks that doing text analysis is useful and to be fair they're very right!!! As you've done past papers before I'm sure you know how much of the exam is analysis based. Not to mention how one day the teacher might do something different or mention something really important and you'll miss it. It may seem that teachers don't care about students who don't like/care about the subject but I promise you your teacher wants to help!

Absolutely don't skip your mocks. It's your chance to have your work marked by someone else, again someone who knows how the exam mark scheme works and how realistic your grade can be, as well as to prove that the work you're doing at home works for you - think of it as proving your method works if that helps. They're tiring, but very useful to making sure you're on the right track and you get to see where you can improve elsewhere. I know they're tiring but it is vital practice for the real thing and since you practice questions at home I'm sure you're probably more qualified than you realise and you'll smash it!

It seems to me that you really care about your study. Your teacher does too; that's why everything they do is shaped around helping you improve your education. If something's not right or not helping, all you need to do is ask. Hope this helps!

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