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Apprenticeship Levels

Hi, I am very aware of the different levels and qualifications associated with each level however I am wondering if you are able to apply for a degree apprenticeship (6/7) after you have finished a level 4 at a different firm? Would this be possible or are you only allowed to complete level 6/7, additionally are degree apprentices eligible to apply for grad schemes?
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i'm not sure if i'm understanding the first bit of your post correctly, but the site says can apply for degree apprenticeships with a level4 and you can even apply if you already have a degree (provided it's not in a similar subject).
for grad schemes, as far as i know, you're fine to apply once you've completed the degree. i don't recall ever seeing any grad schemes that discounted degree apprenticeships specifically - just some that ask for a specific degree background (eg engineering, maths etc)

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