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Level 4

Im currently doing a level 4 apprenticeship, but I might still want to go to university after or do a level 6 apprenticeship. Does a level 4 apprenticeship contribute to the requirements at all or will I be stuck with my A-Levels. If so can you retake just 1 A level and resit it quickly to boost your grade and how much does that cost. Because I want to apply to a level 6 apprenticeship but i am 8 UCAS points short due to 1 A Level going wrong.

Any other suggestions with level 4 to level 6 apprenticeships would be kindly accepted. As I can stay with my apprenticeship to do a further apprenticeship but I also want the opportunity to move to a different company if I can but I am just wondering if my level 4 will count towards anything because with those other companies they have a 120 UCAS points requirement which i dont currently meet.
Don’t reject your own application.
Apprenticeships are a lot more lenient on acceptable grades.

Apply for what interests you and see what you get back.

As for changing careers/employers, the degree you study as part of your apprenticeship would set you up for the same opportunities as any full time student studying the same degree. The only difference is you’d have far more work experience and proven competence, likely being able to skip having to do a graduate scheme.

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