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exam absence excuse

guys this is my mock week and i have 2 exams tommorow, the one i am (somewhat) prepared for is in the morning, but the one i have not revised for one bit is in the afternoon and i am not prepared whatsoever. even right now i am trying to prepare for it but the conten is way too much. can someone give a really good excuse i can use on my head of year so that i can miss the afternoon exam (anything other than sickness bec apparently he still makes ill students take the exam), anything would be appreciated thank you!!!
mate ur better off taking it. ik it sounds mad but my school wont let u retake it if ur sick and its still good j to see how much knowledge u rlly know and what u can expect if ur sick on the real one. i was sick in all my mocks n blowing my nose the entire time.
also uve still got time top revise if u bang out some stuff now and tmr morning
what did you end up doing?

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