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PLEASE GRADE this english language story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write a story which ends: I knew I had been very selfish.

The crisp tendrils of autumn had woven a tapestry of warmth through my town, transforming it into a haven of russet hues and golden splendour. The sun, a gentle orb of amber, hung low in the sky, casting a soft glow over the landscape. I inhaled the crisp air, which was kissed with the fragrance of fallen leaves and the promise of cooler nights, cradled the town in a cocoon of seasonal enchantment.

As I wondered along the curving, rugged lane, a striking memory had forged in my mind, like a missing piece of a puzzle, I was instantly reminded of a day, much like this one in August of the 14th 1983.

We were wrapped in their cozy jackets, embarked on a brisk walk towards the Golden Wok, a quaint Chinese restaurant that had become a local favourite. As the brisk air engulfed us, the leaves beneath our feet had crunched with each step, echoing the excitement that filled the atmosphere. In the horizon, the sun dipped low in the sky, casting long shadows across the sidewalk as we meandered through the small town.

As they approached the restaurant, the tantalizing aroma of oriental spices enveloped them. Golden Wok's exterior was adorned with red lanterns, their gentle sway in the evening breeze mirroring the family's anticipation. Laughter and chatter spilled out from the open door, inviting us into a world of culinary delight.

Inside, the cozy ambiance greeted us warmly and the sound of clinking of chopsticks and the murmur of conversations created a symphony of anticipation. Exchanging smiles, my parents' excitement mirrored in the eyes of Lily and Ethan.

A friendly, jubliant young man named Wei, approached with a genuine smile, whilst dressed in traditional Chinese attire, he had exuded a sense of pride in his heritage. As he guided us through the menu, he had offered recommendations with a passion that made each dish come alive in their imagination.

As we had huddled together, sharing stories and whilst the vibrant sound of laughter filled the air. The diverse crowd reflected the unity found in the appreciation of good food. The restaurant buzzed with energy, creating an atmosphere that felt both comforting and invigorating. Whilst indulging in a flavourful feast, a plate of fortune cookies arrived at their table, each cookie wrapped in a thin layer of anticipation, glistening on the lone vivid red plate, Lily- the youngest, picked one up and cracked it open. Her rich, brown eyes widened as she read inside

"I knew I had been very selfish," she stammered aloud, unintentionally breaking the jovial ambiance that had surrounded them.
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