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GCSE Latin Study Group 2023-2024

:hello: Welcome to the GCSE Latin Study Group! :hello:

This is where you can chat with other students studying the same subjects as you and support each other as you head towards your exams :grouphugs:

You can post any useful tips and resources that you come across, offer support to others, share your successes, or just have moan when it gets tough! :yes:

Just remember, it’s against the site rules to ask for or offer any copyrighted papers, or to take conversations off-site to do these things. Posts that break these rules will be removed.

A few possible ice breaker questions are:
What exam board are you with?
What do you enjoy most about this subject/ course?
What area do you struggle with in this subject/ course?

Good luck with the next few months. Remember, ask for help, support where you can and together we can do this! :yeah:
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@Nrrk2612 I turned your post into a study group for GCSE Latin - is that what were wanting?
I guess I'll be monitoring this thread as I have paid to do the GCSE exam, as a private candidate. :smile:

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