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SOAS, Birmingham or Warwick considering my goals

I want to work for an international law firm, preferably abroad, even more preferably Asia or Australia. Does anyone have any bits of advice for me? I want that techy expertise and international business/culture focus.

UoB: Did my LLB here. Want to go back for their MSc Law, Regulation and AI Ethics course. Only issue is I've mentally outgrown the city. The course is perfect for my aspirations as it's aimed at law grads and has decent scholarship opportunities. Also has an optional work placement option and the hidden prospect of a study abroad which I'd love.

Warwick: I dreamed of studying at Warwick and now I have the chance. Loved their campus, I've been there many times. Applied for Big Data and Digital Futures. Course seems great even if it's not tailored to law grads. New campus means new networking opportunities. I also love Coventry as a city. Higher ranked than Birmingham in most cases and the Law School there is top tier. Also, the sports teams there.

SOAS: Wildcard. I want to study in London for the networking opportunities and also the personal growth. Applied for MA Japanese Studies - not a fan of the course name since it's more 'East Asian Studies' and I'm worried it'll make me look like I haven't moved on from my year abroad in Tokyo. I want to learn about Chinese business so badly and will get a nice scholarship for a disso on Japan which I will be interested in writing anyways. Low ranking but best for Asian and African studies so I won't knock it as my goals are global. Campus seems fun, even if very political.

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