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LLB Graduate Law uni’s

I applied for Graduate Law deferred entry last year and firmed the University of Birmingham - applied to Queen Mary, SOAS and the University of Law. I was unaware that Edinburgh had a graduate LLB course… although the ranking is better overall it qualifies you to practice law in Scotland but since everyone doing the SQE is advised to complete a separate course to take the exams does it really make a difference? The end goal is to become a solicitor.

I’m really confused and starting to have second thoughts about my UCAS application. I’ve already taken a gap year and if I was to applying to edinburgh this year it would have to be through clearing - doubt they’d have anything available for Law. If I really wanted to go there I’d have to take another year out.. is it worth it or am I distracting myself and I should go with what I have? I am contemplating doing a masters at Edinburgh if I decide to stick with UOB for Law.

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