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contract law

how would i answer this:colone:arthworks purchased 10 excavating machines as part of their major project in scandinavia
Machines will need to be retrofitted, designed for harsh conditions
EW contacts Hard Guys since its website indicates that its earthmoving thecnolohy is designed to withstand extreme cold climates
EW asks HGs sales manager, Burt in what climates and ground conditions has the technology been tasted on
Burt responds saying that the technology has been tested in most extreme conditions, (however he is unsure whether this is correct as he only began the job last week)
Says that all of HGs technologies are specifically designed to withstand frozen ground surfaces and rocky soil conditions
Competitor is drill works, has a contract with HG for supplying it

Technology is then supplied and retrofitted
6 months later, EW discovers that several of the machines in scandinavia fail to start and other machines control panels no longer function properly
Reading the financial times, the purchasing manager of EW reads it. It was an article concerning HGs extreme weather technolohgies in which a former siberian clident was to have sued HG on the basis that its cold weather technologies were inadequate for extreme weather conditions
Not all HG technologies are weather tested and that DW just before ew signed the contract with HG, cancelled its contract with HG
Reasons for it are unknown
EW wants to cancel its contract with hg and recover any additional costs that it will incur in purchasing new equipment
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