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Is commercial law more similar to contract or trusts?

I always though I wanted to go into commercial law but since starting studying trusts I've realised that trust law completely confuses me and I'm not doing very well at all, particularly with all the cases relating to complex financial matters which just completely go over my head at the minute. I really enjoyed studying contract law though and think I would enjoy commercial if it is more similar to contract than trusts. Would it be worth picking commercial as an option or will I likely struggle with it and not enjoy it the same way I am with trusts?
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Generally speaking,in terms of actually practising as a commercial solicitor, contract law is much, much important than trusts for the vast majority of the work unless you're in a couple of niche areas.

The other thing I'd say is to try and give the trusts stuff a bit of time to sink in - as a student it feels a bit strange and detached compared to more easy to visualise topics like contract and criminal etc.. but give it time and it will make more sense!

I found equity and trusts a hard to understand topic on my GDL, a number of years later as a solicitor I ended up working on some complex corporate trust structures for about 18 months and it all clicked in a way it never did as a student - so keep at it!

Check what the contents of the commercial law module are, but I'd expect it to be much closer to contract than trusts.
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