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just some questions about gcse's

I've been having mental health problems and i missed a bit of year ten and I do triple science, I got a 6 in my biology but for chemistry and physics I'm being moved to foundation (even tough im predicted a 6 in physics and a 5 in chemistry but have rest breaks and extra time for my exams and one of my friends does foundation triple and he says its hard but he isn't very good at science so i take it with a grain of salt so i have a couple questions

1. is foundation triple chemistry and physics easy?
2. what is the pass rate with people with rest brakes?
3. do you have to resit a science if you fail one?
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1) I didn't do foundation science so I don't really know but it is likely to be easier than higher, but it probably won't be 'easy'
2) The pass rate for people with rest breaks I do not think is specifically recorded so it is impossible to know. I didn't get rest breaks at GCSE but I have them at A-level and I am currently on track to get AAB or ABB, so I wouldn't worry about it.
3) If you fail one science you do not usually have to resit it.
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nice, I'm not really bothered if I fail chemistry and physics cause I don't need them for my course I'm doing at college obviously I'm gonna try my best but in the end I wont be to fussed

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