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*** NEED QUICK REPLY*** Re-starting sketchbook GCSE

I'm Year 11 and do textiles and have to hand my first sketchbook that i did in YR10 in about 3 months, am i allowed to change some artists that i did and make completely different samples? I didn't focus much in YR10 and i need a 6 so i wanted to research other artists to do different techniques to show development to get more marks. If i change my samples and artists will it be considered cheating and be an automatic U?

Also if anyone has any other tips to get 6 in textiles PLS let me know!!!
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I do art, idk how relevant this is but I hope it helps, for us at least we were allowed to redo anything we wanted to and it was OK, but if I were you I would ask your teachers as well.
If it doesn't affect your other subjects I don't see why you couldn't, BUT you should also consult your teacher about this :grin:

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