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Art gcse tips

Hi, for Art gcse I wanted to know some do's and dont's for this subject for the best possible grade. I'm in year 11 so of course, I have done the basic things done, that's required in the coursework that would of course give me a pass. But I want to know exactly whats required atleast for a grade 8-9
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Hey i'm in yr 10,
u should watch vids on yt for grade 9 sketchbooks and their advice- I've watched many and the common topics/ideas that come up are:

-make sure u experiment with a bunch of diff media
-your art book should have developed over time- basically the start of your sketchbook should start from a broad angle of topics but as u go along ur kinda zooming in on one idea and developing that idea
-make sure your work is unique and stands out from others- like examiners don't want to see the same skull from the artist Vincent Van Gogh
-coursework is based quality of work AND quantity

you have done like most of ur coursework so make sure if u wanna add anything to improve to ur previous work do it now cuz 60% is literally based on ur coursework

you could also ask for feedback from your teacher on what u can do to improve or ask questions

Haven't they given you your handbook? it says the different assessment objectives basically what needs to be required in each objective to get that specific grade, if u don't have one look on ur spec.

I'm doing fine art so this assessment objective is from my spec however u might be doing Art,crafts and design or smth.

e.g-AO1: Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources

Hope this helped :smile:

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