Tips to spend less on books

Hello Students !!!

It's back to school time again. I mean time to empty your pockets to buy the semester's books. Here are a few tips which will help you save some of that hard earned money and time.

• Buy Online

Within seconds you can search the web for a variety of books at the lowest price possible. There are plenty of online bookstores available in the web exclusively to help you finding the best deals on Engineering text books, reference books etc.

• Sell back Your Old Books To A Store That Gives Credit

Some book stores have money-back offers on returning the books. In this way you can spend a fraction of money on books what others spend.

• Share With A Friend

Also you can share your books with your friend or roommate to cut the price of a textbook in half. And when it's time to sell the book back, you can just split the refund in half.

• Buy used not new

Some of the book stores sell old books also. For that you have to check the condition of the book and price. Because some bookstore sell old books at 50% of original price and some at 60%. But you can save lots of money.

     Please follow the tips and let me know if these are helpful to you

Thank you