Top study tips to keep you focused over the Christmas holiday

christmas scene

Ready for a Christmas break? Looking forward to a rest? Maybe some socialising and over-indulgence? 

But those pesky teachers have paid no attention to your leisure needs beyond a mouldy Milky Way from the remains of a tin of Celebrations. They’ve set you heaps of work in every subject and expect it all done for the first day back. Mocks, essays, coursework, revision for tests, it’s all there.

So how do you manage to have a break, see family and friends and get all that work done? Here are some suggestions.

Plan your time

Plan out the holiday so you have a proper break and get those Christmas events in but also allocate enough time to get all that homework done. 

Do any homework you have. It’s so easy to leave, and so hard to do all of it the day before you go back… It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on anything you’ve missed, that’s always helpful in breaks.


Be realistic – maybe the time before Christmas is full up with parties and preparation but there are a few ‘dead’ days between Christmas and the New Year when all you would be doing is slumping in front of a screen. These may be perfect for catching up with school or college work. 

Share the plan with your family so they can encourage you to get started when the time for work comes.

And any lingering relatives will be impressed when you say: "Right, I must get on with my essay/coursework/revision".

Above all, avoid leaving all your work until the last day of the holiday – not usually a recipe for your best work. 

You can use the smart TSR Study Planner to help plan your time. 

Use the GYG section of TSR and try the interactive study planner – this really helps me to organise my time – fill it with free time when you want to relax first and then put in specific tasks you want to complete.


Ask for stationery for Christmas

What better motivation to start work can there be than some brand new high-quality gel pens, highlighters, files or notepads? 

Use your beautiful new highlighters to mark out particularly important notes. Use your new fountain pen to write out quotes. Those new gel pens will brighten up your revision cards.

Ahh the satisfaction of new stationery  

Treat yourself

Getting down to some work when there are a lot of distractions and temptations is tough so make sure you reward yourself when you’ve finished an essay, made some notes or learned something. As it’s Christmas there won’t be any issue finding items around you which would make a great reward (like food, re-watching Elf or admiring your fancy new presents).

Be prepared

No, Wikipedia isn’t enough to make fantastic notes from! And it's not going to help you answer that really difficult maths question either. 

Make sure you have your notes, textbooks and a cup of tea (of coffee) to hand before you sit down to start your studying. Past papers are available here if you need them. 

You can also make flashcards, create mindmaps, write quizzes and even more on TSR, as well as find loads of examples made by other students

Mindmaps/fact cards are great, and you can do them while listening to Chrimbo tunes!


Don't overdo it

Above all else, don’t burn out… It’s Christmas after all! Make sure you’ve found time to do whatever it is that makes Christmas special for you. Maybe you want to laze around eating mince pies and crying over Love Actually? Maybe seeing your friends is what you want to do? Or catching up with family? 

Rest ... is so important. You don’t want to be exhausted even before you go back to school – it’s not good for your health and it’s not good for your grades. Take things easy, feel like you’re organised and do your best!


Your downtime is just as important, and as long as you’ve planned your time well you should be able to have fun and get your work done and return back to school/college feeling ready for the new term.

Most importantly: make sure you have a lovely and balanced Christmas break! 

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