Computer Science or EEE - One week to decide - Please help me guys

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Hello everybody, firstly I just want to say I am so sorry for this long message but I am posting in the Science and Technology section because the courses I am interested in will come in this field and also you will all have a lot of knowledge in these fields.

I am 29, and have been working full time in dead end jobs and have decided to take the big step into going back to University
Mainly to better my life, and hopefully gain some good education, and aim to be on a much better salary than what I am on now (15k)

I am torn between two completely different degrees which are either Computer Science, or Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
I have done a lot of research into both courses, e.g. what they consist of which is ALOT of hard work, both heavily focused on Maths and more Physics in EEE.
From what I understand, both courses may cover similar topics such as Algorithms and programming. I understand EEE is more practical and CS more theory based looking at software rather than hardware.

I have achieved all my GCSE's, and would say I am stronger in Maths than Science however from what I have read (correct me if I am wrong) but it appears a career in Electrical Engineering is more rewarding (financially and demanding) than Computer Science?

I am not going to lie, I would like to succeed in either of the degrees hopefully with a one year placement and look to eventually, after experience, be on a good salary, because thats what I am aiming for. I would like to aim for a career which pays better but I am torn between the two courses.

May I also add, I have spoken to the Unis I am interested in which both offer degrees in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, and next week I either start an Access to HE in Computing OR Engineering Technology.

The problem is that the Unis are advising me that if i want to study Computer Science at Uni, then they require me to study the Access to Computing course but if I want to study Electrical Engineering then I must take the Access to Engineering and Technology.

The modules for each course are listed below:

Access to HE in Computing:

Module: Computing Fundamentals Credits

Computer Systems 6
Event Driven Programming 6
Systems Analysis 6
Software Design & Development ( VB.NET) 3

Total - 21 Credits

Module: Computing

Relational Databases 3
Desktop Support 3
Installing, Configuring & Maintaining Systems 3
Mobile Computing 3
Networking 6
Website Development 3
Mathematics for Computing 3
Total - 24 Credits

Module: Skills for Learning and ICT 15 Credits

Total 60 Credits

The computing course will also have an additional module which is Advanced Mathematics.
Unis are requesting I get distinctions in Advanced Maths, maths for computing, and all the programming modules to gain access to the Computer Science degrees. They have stated if I do this course I cannot gain entry onto any of the Electrical Engineering degrees, even the Computer Science combined with EE.

The modules for the Access to Engineering course is:


3DM1 - Unit 1 Foundations in Mathematics: Introduction to Mathematical Topics
3DM2 - Unit 2 Theories and Perspectives in Mathematics: Building Mathematical Skills
3DM4 - Unit 4 Practical Skills in Mathematics: Examined Mathematical Skills

Total of 15 Credits


3DFM - Further Mathematics

Total of 6 Credits


3DES1 - Unit 1 Foundations in Engineering Science: Engineering Science Concepts
3DES2- Unit 2 Theories and Perspectives in Engineering Science: Principles of Electrical Science
3DES3- Unit 3 Topics and Themes in Engineering Science: Engineering Experimentation and Investigation
3DES4- Unit 4 Practical Skills in Engineering Science: Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Total of 21 Credits


Unit 1- Foundations in Physics: Basic Mechanics
Unit 2- Theories and Perspectives in Physics: Heat, Materials and Atoms
Unit 3- Topics and Themes in Physics: Oscillations and Waves
Unit 4- Practical Skills in Physics: Electricity, Fields and Electromagnetism

Total of 21 Credits


3DSS4 - Sustainable Energy Engineering (Standalone Unit)

Total of 6 Credits

HE Toolkit - 3 credits

As you can see, the Access to Engineering is heavily Maths and Physics focused, thus why the Unis are saying I must do this for access onto the EEE courses but if I do this Access course they will NOT allow me entry onto Computer Science!!!

So to conclude guys, I have like less than a week to decide which Access course to take, one will lead me to Computer Science, one to EEE.

I really dont know which career will be more rewarding, as after all, this is all for my future to gain a better life...

Please help me guys, I know ultimately only I can make the choice but with positive feedback you will make it easier for me to decide.

Thank you so much for listening

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Unfortunately, I think this is a decision that only you can make. I don't think it's a good idea to make these kinds of decisions based on outcomes like "average salary". I would say you have picked two fields where there are good opportunities in either field, in terms of job availability, and the chance to earn a good salary.

So, you need to look at other things, beyond job opportunities to make a decision, and that really depends on what you enjoy doing. It sounds like you've researched the jobs available already- however, have you looked at the content of the university courses you'd want to apply to? After all, you're going to spend at least 3/4 years at university, and you won't do as well in a course that you enjoy less. Does either course stand out as something you prefer? I would even look at the syllabus for the access courses, is there anything that makes you prefer one over the other? This might give you some indication of which degree you'd enjoy more.

Do you have a list of pros and cons for each career and each course?

Good luck, whatever you decide.

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