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Welcome to Forum Games! :wavey: :cyber:

Whether you're new to FG or are an active member, it never hurts to have a little look at how things operate around here

What is Forum Games?
FG is a section to allow your competitive streak show. Equally, it can help you beat boredom and distract yourself from any stress!

There is a huge range of games from:
Count To A Million (CTAM)
The Ultimate Riddle Thread
Russell Group Hurt/Heal
Girls Vs Boys
Last Person To Post Here Wins
and loads more!

You'll find that some games will require you to work as a team, and others will let you compete independently

Does my game fit here?
You might find that some threads like Music Quizzes are more suited to the Music Section - however if you wish to post it here, go for it! Any suitable games or competitions are welcomed in FG

Can I post off-topic?
Nope, the usual rules apply here. Please post on the topic of the game. Of course, if you are posting in a counting thread or similar, you can chat with other users, but please do include the correct number in your posts.

What happens when a thread reaches 10,000 posts?
You'll find some threads in FG move very quickly, for example the counting threads. When the thread reaches 10k posts, the thread will be locked and a new part for the thread will be created!

Why has my thread been removed/moved/merged?
Sometimes threads don't fit with the rules or they fit better in other sections. We sometimes get similar games posted, so we merge them together to make sure users get the best game experience possible! If you have any other questions about the moderation in FG, please post in Ask the Community Team :yep:

What's this about a moderation queue?
You may see some users mention about moderation queues in FG. Until recently, new threads would go through moderation and be approved for the section. Currently this moderation queue feature has been disabled, so you can post a new game without having to wait :woo:

Got any other questions?
Feel free to PM me, or ask the users in FG (most of them will help you - not many will bite ).

Happy gaming, and I hope to see you at the top of all the leader boards! :awesome:
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