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I rambled through this whole thing (ignore if you want to) Watch

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    So last year during my GCSE year (year 11) I began to have (what I thought as) weird symptoms. Like a normal 15/16 year old girl I panicked I began googling what it meant and came up with the conclusion that I was going to slowly have a painful death. Now this happened a month or two into the school year and I wasn't having in problems after it so naturally I forgot about it. Then there was a day when I was home alone, I was just chilling at home and began to start cleaning when I started to have trouble breathing. At first I was like relax your fine your gonna be alright, then soon it came to the point when I was on the floor in tears scared I was gonna die alone in my living room at the age of fifteen. See that was the first time. I being the stupid person I am I decided to keep it to myself because I was embarrassed, it sounds stupid but I was terrified of telling anybody because I was scared and embarrassed. Now that was the worse decision ever. Now a few days after that I went into complete break down, severe break down. Some days I wouldn't even get out of bed, I would lie down and listen to music and Wattpad books , I wouldn't even get up for food or a shower and getting up to us the toilet took so much effort on my part. The next couple of days played out like that but it came to a point where I started struggling to breath again and I would cry on the floor. I began screaming more and I would start punching things because I got so frustrated with what was going on and honestly couldn't handle it , yet I told no one.
    Now back at school I began skipping classes and staying in the bathroom all the time, or I would go to class then ask to us the toilet and would stay there for a while and try to relax. It got to the point where I started to take notice in how my grades where getting worse and my weight was getting less.
    I finally reached a point where I had to tell someone so I went to the school support teachers who told me to go to the nurse. Upon going to the nurse she told me I most likely have anxiety due to stress at school (since it was exam year). Now in a couple days I'm gonna be going to sixth form and I feel like if my behaviour was that bad during GCSE how am I going to be during my A-levels?

    Honestly felt like I just rambled for no reason at all, ignore me if you want to I don't mine

    It's so important to talk to somebody when you're going through something like this Honestly, I know you felt embarrassed/scared but people can help! Whenever you're going through a rough patch again makes sure someone you trust knows. Talk to your school counselor if you need to, they can also help, that's why they're there, you can trust them All the best in the future, I know it's a horrible thing to go through.
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