Your opinion and experience with these A levels ? Honest opinion . Watch

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Your opinion about As/a level "CIE" of these subjects


Any advice or tips would be appreciated , thank u .
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Thats fine - if you want to do those, no problem.
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I did biology, maths and psychology at AS but I think my psychology was different to yours.
Biology is lots of memorising facts so have a separate note book for each subject with dividers for each topic as some are ridiculously long.
Maths is okay, it depends how good your tutors are and how well you understand Maths at GCSE. Further maths would be a useful GCSE to have too.
Psychology again is a lot of notes but I found it very interesting. But time limits on in class tests were a problem for me.
It's really up to how you learn best and how you did at GCSE, like Further Maths GCSE is useful for Maths AS as you understand the topics a bit better and English GCSE and other essay based GCSEs are useful as you need to write quick for the exams for both biology and psychology.
I had a friend who did physics and said it's useful to have done physics on its own for GCSE as well as additional science GCSE to understand it and it is maths based but you get a calculator.
Hope this helps
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Doing physics, math and psychology a2 at the moment but with a different exam board. In terms of how difficult they were at as, found maths completey fine, psychology ok once I knew the structure of the essays well and physics fine once I'd done questions.

For physics I'd advise making sure you 100% understand everything taught before you leave the lesson as some of the concepts can be a bit a difficult to get your head around at first but once you understand them they're completely fine.
In psychology make sure not to leave note making until the end of the year as there is a lot of content to summarise, it's also nice to keep notes organised so you can find them all when you next need them. I had partially completed by notes by Easter so it was quite stressful to make all the ones I needed in time.
In terms of revision for physics and maths I didn't waste time on making notes and just did tonnes of past paper questions on every topic, it worked well for me.


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