Dyslexic, any advice to help memory for revision Watch

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Im dyslexic and suffer with really bad long term memory. My GCSE revision is a nightmare , and advice as to strategies that may help. I feel as if overtime I revise one theme I forget another.
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consider revision techniques that aren't text based.

The top one id suggest is where you record yourself saying a quote or information or anything, and listening back again and again until it's fixed in your brain.

instead of writing things for you learn, you could consider having pictures represent text and using that to remember things.

there's other ways too, such as putting things on quizlet and using the audio options to read out flashcards. you could try getting your parent or friend to read the information to you and then test you on it.

I'm sure there's many more but that's all I can think of.

hope that helps
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Heya, don't worry, there are loads of strategies that can help you!
1. Try recording yourself or a friend/ family member or (if allowed) teacher reading out the notes so that you can listen to them back and revise that way. Doing that you can also listen on the way to school and stuff, so it's win win! Even though most people hate listening to themselves, I should also tell you that studies have shown that listening to yourself is the most effective method.

2. Find revision songs. For physics, for example, on YouTube there is a 21 equations song that you can listen to on repeat for the next six months and learn equations that way. At the beginning you won't feel like you're going to get them into your head, but you will, don't worry!

3. Try to explain to your dog/ cat/ budgie/ pet rock how stuff works, such as biological systems and cycles. This will give you an idea of how well you know the topic.

4. Get someone to test you and then go through the answers with them. This works best with a teacher or parent who knows a particular topic well, but anyone can read a flash card!

5. Use a coloured overlay to help with reading, if you don't already. You can also get glasses with inset overlays, but those are quite expensive.

6. Make sure you're going to get extra time in exams. Your school should have arranged this.

7. You can buy coloured paper that can make writing easier for people... if I'm tired I use yellow which really helps me to decipher the words.

8. Don't panic, you'll be OK!

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