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Hi all,

So I am currently a third-year economist studying at KCL and just received master offers for MSc Economics at Warwick, MSc Economics at UCL and MSc Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation (EBSIPE) at Oxford.

I also currently got a summer internship at the Bank of England and my future career plan can vary from going into the private section e.g. Asset Management or Consulting or go into the public sector e.g. working for BoE or go to an international organization like the UN.

Now the problem I have is deciding if I want to do the course at Oxford since of course, it is a world-renown university albeit the course is relatively unheard of. I also really like the course since it comprises of the data techniques you find in Econometrics e.g. time series and DiD models and this is an area which I generally score high in but also tries to use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of policies implemented by governments or NGOs.

So would taking MSc EBSIPE harm my future prospects or would it be safer to take MSc Economics at UCL or at Warwick?

Let me know guys!
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If you don't want to be an economist, and you only care about career prospects at organisations that you've mentioned, then Oxford would be best for networking and whatnot (e.g. for the MBB firms if you decide on consulting).

If you want to be an economist then don't do Oxford's course.

All are obviously top schools though, so I'm careful to suggest that doors will be closed by not choosing Oxford. There are people at all the organisations/sectors you listed who are graduates from these three, so don't worry.
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