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Is A MSc Finance or related worth it?


I am coming to the third year of my Economics degree. I was unable to get a spring and a summer in a bank or a large consulting firm.I did apply over 100 places and did get an assessment centre or two so it is definitely possible. I was thinking of doing a masters in finance or a finance related subject to improve my employability. I would ideally like to break into sales and trading but trading more specifically and thought I would do a masters to break into a Quant firm that don't normally take economics students as we do not have the relevant skills. But ideally, I would like to end up in Sales and Trading. I was thinking of applying to top tier unis such as LBS,LSE,UCL,Imperial and Oxford. Cambridge do MPhil, is that worth it?

q1) Should I do a MSc in Finance or focus on a more specific niche such as MSc Computational finance ?

q2) If I don't do a masters, is it possible for me to still break into front office roles in a bank or consulting without any summer or spring experience ?

q3) Let's say if I do a masters in finance. Will I end up at the same level as a first year graduate who has not done a masters? Secondly, if I break into a bank, will my masters in finance help me to go further in career progression vs someone who has not done a masters?

Thank you so much

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