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Immigration- argument

Why should immigrants come to our country ? Or why should we welcome immigrants
I’m doing a debate and I need some points
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Because it is the morally correct thing to do and they need help as are in a poor financial/employment situation. They also help fill jobs in the UK which need filling and are a crucial part of society and industries.
Immigration is not the best method to help those from economically disadvantaged countries. A job created in said country could end up helping multiples more people that importing just one person. It's better to spend the money that would otherwise be invested in immigration into foreign investment and charitable activities instead. It's also impossible to accept an unlimited number of immigrations (say all the immigrants from the Middle East that want to come to Europe now) and eventually people will need to be turned away, and consequently significant number of immigrants can dilute the host nation's jobs market and cause hardship for the host nation's citizens/residents.

But immigration is also an important method to help get talent and ideas to where they need to be. Often countries lack a certain skill set and have a surplus of another skill set, so exchanging immigrants can be a way to help get everyone jobs and turn ideas into reality, though in the current times it is also achievable through the internet.

A big difference between immigration from developing countries and developed countries is that the latter tends to have more muted immigration allowing for more liberal open borders (say between Canada and the US, or between Ireland and the UK).
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immigrants can help the economy if they're educated workers .
they help establish better international relations with other countries.
they create diversity in the country
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if i were you and you want a winning argument i would look at the current rules around immigration because there are only a select group of individuals who can become permanent residents or citizens or who can get a family visa or work visa amongst over visas such as the start-up visa (all on if you know who can enter and remain in the country then you can figure out why it's beneficial for the economy, for businesses and the families who live here.
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Immigrants bring diversity to a country, which can lead to cultural enrichment and a better understanding of different perspectives. They can also fill gaps in the labor market and contribute to the economy through taxes and business ventures. Countries like St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship programs attract high-net-worth individuals who can bring substantial investments and create jobs, thereby boosting the economy.

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