panicking in exams??

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Recently I have had my mock exams in school right? and i had quite a few panic attacks, i've realized that I have become really scared to do simple things like talk to people, i'm just really upset because i have messed up my exams and not only that but I have been feeling really depressed lately. I have talked to my teacher about it, she said she will see what she can do about it.

it's also the fact that i have been thorough so much in my life (long story) and I can't seem to be able to move on in life, always looking back at the past. But you know what? i'm trying my best to get through my increasing anxiety day by day even though its affecting my education and those around me, at least I'm trying, I'm not strong by all means but i know that I'm not weak. I know that u don't know what I have been through, but trust me you would be shocked, and i have been told that it's not surprising that I would have panic attacks and anxiety after what I've been through.

I just wish that I could go back to the way I was before when I was younger, strong, determined and happy, but I can't and it hurts because I don't always want to have panic attacks and anxiety, i want to get through this. How can I get through my panic attacks and anxiety??
Thank you in advance for your replies xx

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