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What is the amount you put in a savings account each month?

150? 200?
Are you working?
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The amount i put into my savings all depends on the amount i earn. I put approximately 10-20% of my wages into savings. 10% if i have any debt or loans i need to pay off, 20% if nothing is needed.
Im currently working full time and each month im putting 620 (265 + 355) into my saving for 10 months in total.
I have savings put aside for year 1 of uni and year 2
But its different for everyone as for me i can put aside a lot as Im working full time 35+ hours and im on my gap year so i deferred a year and purposely wanted to work to save up during this 1 yeat off. So i dont have school to focus on...
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150? 200?
Are you working?

It varies. When I was working it was whatever I had left out of my pay check at the end of the month which was normally £200 ish. Now I’m at uni I save less but its normally just smaller amounts like £10 more frequently
Still at school
try to save as much as possible
I can't afford to save long term at the moment.

I save for birthday gifts, Christmas, family trips, etc.
I also save for my 4 kids (the aim is for each of them to have £2k by the time they're 18).

But I can't afford to just save for some unspecified future pot. Not until I start working anyway. I do need to put money aside for my retirement, but I can't yet.

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