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Dive into a playlist beneath the waves (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

About to listen to this; I have no recommendations of my own to offer this week, as despite my username, I've not played any underwater games (as far as I can remember)!
We Need to go Deeper - Atlantic Waters: Short but sweet intro track.

Abzu - Delphinus Delphis: Nice.

Ecco the Dolphin - Deep Marjimba: My era; I definitely played this at a few friends' houses back in the day.

Beyond Blue - Main Theme: Great violin. Loved the haunting, whale-like sounds.

Subnautica - Unknown Flora: Mysterious.

Bioshock - The Ocean on His Shoulders: Wasn't in the the tracklist, just when I thought they were getting better! :grumble: At least Baby Queen introduced it. Probably my fave track so far.

Bioshock 2 - Chasing Shadows: Very different, and the least 'underwater sounding' track so far IMO, if that even makes any sense. :p:

SOMA - Main Theme: Alright.

In Other Waters - Pillar Gardens: This one REALLY captured the underwater theme, and is about what I expected the whole playlist to sound like TBH. :laugh:

Aquaria - Worship: Dramatic organ music!

Flow - Gratitude: Beautiful.

Sea of Solitude - I Believe in You (Instrumental): Also beautiful.

Mythic Ocean - Frozen in Time: Another undeniably underwater-sounding track.

Fish: Feed and Grow - Ocean Mysteries: Fine.

Diluvion - The Endless Corridor: Ambient and mysterious.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human on Earth - The Heart of the City: Serious business action music.

Overall thoughts: Good episode, not quite as varied as some of the other recent ones though. And I am MUCH preferring these easy to grasp titles and themes to the early 'Immersive gaming beats to spirit you away', 'Inspiring game music to help you rise to the challenge' etc episodes.

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