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CompSci Personal Statement

I'm Applying ICL,UCL,KCL,LSE& QMU:

in my PS, I plan to include:

- Computational game theory
- Computational complexity

and more, but these 2 are topics that I'm very interested in and have done projects on.

I'm more confident in computational game theory and feel that if I link the two topics together, as they share similar concepts, I would form a more compelling paragraph than separately...

can anyone advise me on this as although computational game theory is in specification, I'm not sure if it is a large enough module to talk about... i wouldn't want unis to think that I've under researched...

any opinions?
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Im applying for comp sci at uni now and these two topics are something im also very interested in, did you manage to find any reasesrch/theory that is approachable for computational game theory?

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