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what happens if people without ADHD take ritalin

or similar amphetamine based ADHD meds?
Seeing as ADHD diagnosis is rly subjective there must be a lot of edge cases...
does it just make you think way clearer?
Ritalin will work the same for people who don't have ADHD as it does for those who do. Yes it will improve focus, mental energy and ability to work on difficult and boring tasks. Ritalin however can be habit forming and have some side effects. Most notably at higher doses Ritalin can cause damaging effects to the brain.

Amphetamine based meds[Elvanse, Dexamphetamine(DEX), Adderall... etc] are usually considered to be more potent than Ritalin. They have similar effects to Ritalin but are much stronger on a mg per mg bases(e.g 20mg of Ritalin is roughly equivalent to 7.5mg of DEX). Therefore there is a higher potential of abuse.

I have taken both Ritalin and DEX. They both feel very similar and last about 4 hours. Finally, an obvious statement please consult your doctor for advice.

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