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I have applied to do Interactive digital design at Brit School and they have asked me to come in to spend a day and show my interest in digital design.
Has anyone done this? What should I expect?
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:
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Original post by HelloKitty786

I have applied to do Interactive digital design at Brit School and they have asked me to come in to spend a day and show my interest in digital design.
Has anyone done this? What should I expect?

Hi! I'm so sorry for replying to this so late as I'd imagine your interview has come and gone for a while now. But for future applications seeing this:

The interview is very casual and is less an interview and more just a discussion of work you have. A portfolio or showreel is probably what they've asked you to submit/bring in to talk about. Some key things to note/expect:

- Try to talk about your process and inspiration behind different pieces. It's all well and good to see a polished piece, but what teachers want to see is that you had reasoning and understand behind your production process. For example, you might have a stylised portrait in your portfolio that is a different style to other pieces, and you looked to painterly digital media such as Arcane, the Spiderverse films and Entergalactic to inspire your design choices: "Here I experimented with the way I rendered skin by using varying blocks of colour to show different planes of the face (darker + with hard edges around the eye socket, more blended and smooth around the cheeks to show a less defined cheekbone)".
- Unless they are very ahead in interviews/someone cancelled or is late, you will not have time to talk about everything in your portfolio/showreel (note: they still look at this outside of the interview). It's important to talk about pieces you know you can expand on and easily answer questions about. Some ideas for things you could pick out include studies of life or different stylisations, a passion project or a piece that shows you can draw different things (such as a character design sheet, an environment spread).
- More on portfolios/showreels, if you're undecided on including something, DON'T INCLUDE IT. Don't add filler into your portfolio. There is no minimum amount of things you have to include. I say this because your portfolio/showreel showcases your best work. If you add something in there that you aren't proud of but are using as filler or "uh i think theyre looking for something like this", the teachers aren't going to know its filler and assume its an example of your best work. And if you're not happy with it, neither will they and they will sense that in the interview. Include stuff you're proud of (yes, you can use fanart so long as its actually showcasing skill) and would be more than happy to talk about, not something you *think* the teachers would want to see/as filler. It will drag your actual best work down with it.
- If you have access to it, read through what you said in your original application and what you answered to the questions to refresh your memory. Expect to be asked about this as they have your application on-hand in the interview. Even better if you can talk about what made you want to apply for the course in the first case. Cite your inspirations (could be classical painter or even just a really cool instagram artist)! Expand on even the simplest answers and think out loud. 'I want to study this course as it'll allow me to get the qualifications needed to get a degree in x and pursue a career in y' can be turned into 'This course is a step towards following my passion, x. I started seriously considering x as a career when I found and was inspired by the works of [y], as they were an indie developer who made my favourite game, [z]. The game helped me discover a new genre of games to learn the unique mechanics of and in the future, I want to further develop the skills I learn here in university to pursue a career that will let me create the next [z] that will inspire another kid watching gameplay videos'.

Seriously though, do not stress the interview. It really is just an open conversation and going on tangents about things you are passionate about + what got you into that interview/workshop room today is completely okay. The teachers understand that the whole application process is stressful. Also: they are very chill and relaxed and do not expect you to be the perfect prospective student from day 0- that's why you're applying to the Brit School to develop your skill set in the first place!! If there's anything else people want to know, feel free to ask.

My credentials in saying all this: I'm a current IDD student + have successfully been through the process. Good luck :]

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