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Brits, tell me about your culture

I am writing an essay about the united kingdom and need to know more about the culture and people there.. what do people usually fancy/hate, traditional food, myths and urban legends, what is popular and what's frown upon, etiquettes etc
Any help would be great!
It really depends on the region! Different areas of the country have different traditions, myths, food, likes and dislikes, and the difference can be staggering! I'm originally from the West Midlands, where we call it a bread roll, but I got the shock of my life when I moved here and heard people call it a barm or a barmcake!

The differences from each region could potentially be your focus for your essay- even though popular media tends to make generalisations about Brits, like saying we're all excessively polite and we all like tea and biscuits, that's not necessarily true! We are a country of magpies, and a lot of things that are 'traditionally British', like a good old-fashioned cup of tea, have just been stolen from other cultures!

Generally, Brits respect the queuing system, we love a good Sunday dinner, and we enjoy a full English breakfast! But remember, what's popular in Kensington, isn't necessarily what's popular here in Liverpool!

I hope this helps!

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