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History NEA structure help

At the moment my structure is messy. I have never done an NEA before so I have no reference really to help. I need a good structure that is easy to follow because at the moment my teacher says my argument is confusing. My statement in which I am assessing is '"The pursuit of technological superiority was the main reason behind the space race between the US and the USSR' how valid is this assessment of the space race between the US and USSR during the period from 1957 to 1991?". It is max 4000 words and must include sources integrated into the body, this includes historians that have written books etc. I was also wondering If I could lay it out with a'for' in one paragraph and then an'against' in the next and keep doing that. My teacher ain't responding to me for help so I have come here in search of guidance. Can anyone help me create a good structure for this NEA please. Thanks in advance.
My school advised us to do a structure like this for AQA A-Level History for the NEA and our word limit was 4500.

2 Historians' Interpretations
Chapter 1: 2/3 paragraphs and source 1 evaluation and a mini conclusion
Chapter 2: 2/3 paragraphs and source 2 evaluation and a mini conclusion
Chapter 3: 2/3 paragraphs and source 3 evaluation and a mini conclusion

Have a different focus for each chapter and essentially create a mini-essay for each one - so you could do one 'for' and 'against' paragraph in each chapter though I'd recommend a more nuanced argument structure, having arguments both for and against in each paragraph.

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