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Poetry Anthology - Power and Conflict

Hi! So I've got a pretty good understanding of all of the poems across the anthology, but in terms of comparisons I thought I'd solely do 4/5+ poems in DETAIL which I can use to compare to whatever poem comes up. I was wondering what poems would be best to do for this - which ones best cover a range of themes and are most applicable across the anthology?
Any help would be appreciated :smile:
Which ones do you feel you could talk the most about and go from there
choose the one you consider your favourite, if you enjoy reading the poem, you'll enjoy analysing it and will have more to write about. I'd recommend choosing one poem you think best represents the theme of memory e.g. the emigree or kamikaze, one poem you think best represents the theme of patriotism e.g. bayonet charge, kamikaze or the charge of the light brigade, one poem that represents the power of nature e.g storm on the island or ozymandias. If you choose poems that are quite different in their content, you'll be able to answer a wider range of questions. I'd make sure at least one of the poems you choose is one of the older ones, so you can comment on contextual factors. In my exam the question was about kamikaze and I compared it to bayonet charge and spoke about patriotism, I was quite lucky as those were my two favourite poems. However you might not get as lucky in your exam so i recommend revising all the poems at least a little bit :smile: good luck

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