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Metal working possibilities at Kingston!

If you ever came to one of our open days, you might have seen the metal work facilities in Kingston’s 3D workshop located at our Knights Park campus.
Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on in there? What kind of designs can you make?
Here’s a short insight on my experience in the metal workshop.

Prior to coming to Kingston, I never thought I would find myself in the metal workshop or knew what I could possibly do there as a fashion student. However, due to assisting a final year with their graduate collection, I realised that the 3D workshop opens up so many possibilities in adding details and accessories to your designs. :h:

The 3D workshop offers a variety of materials to students at an affordable price, such as aluminium, steel, stone, clay and wood. At the metal workshop, facilities like the digital plasma cutter allow you to cut out any shape you want from metal sheets before shaping them into your desired product. You could also roll metal tubes or sheets into different shapes to make metal accessories. The welding bay can be used to weld or melt certain metals together to join different pieces. Along with different polishing, brushing techniques and metal engraving facilities, you can add different textures and surfaces to your designs! From a fashion perspective, the metal workshop allows you to create a range of metallic accessories, from bracelets, bangles, earrings, fastenings, buckles, bags and whatever else you can imagine! :wink:

Are you excited to explore the various faculties at Kingston University?
Ever considered working with metal?
Please feel free to drop down and ask questions below, and I’ll try my best to answer them!:colondollar:

Zhi En (BA Fashion) :u:

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