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Favourite Story Based Video Game?

Saw this topic on TSR a few years ago and wanted to bring it back.

What are everyone's favourite story heavy games?

Mine are red dead redemption 2, the tomb raider survivor trilogy, hellblade senuas sacrifice, plague tales innocence and stray.

I wish i could experience all of the above for the first time again :smile:
Oh i forgot dead space (original) as well. Absolutely horrifying but what an experience. Not in a hurry to play that one again, still mustering up the courage to purchase number 2 :colondollar:

All of the Metal Gear Solid games (perhaps all but V), Max Payne 1&2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
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It's a toss up between FFVII and RDR2
Tales of Symphonia, by a pretty wide margin. I did really enjoy the Mass Effect Trilogy though.
If it is asked for the best plot of a game, it is Terranigma, an old videogame for the SNES, released in 1995.
Final Fantasy 7 It just caught me at the perfect time of my life to love it.
Not keen on heavy games but I did really like Hades :yep:
Undertale, just because it is amazing. It may have not been high tech and high budget but it still is amazing. Also I love the characters, so relatable. The story is amazing. (Won’t spoil it for anyone though, lets just say it is emotional and completely redefines an RPG). Also the songs are amazing, especially Megalovania, your best nightmare and Hopes and dreams. The songs really help the story, hit so much harder. Finally the user interactivity, three endings all influenced by you!
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Final Fantasy 7 It just caught me at the perfect time of my life to love it.

Final Fantasy is known to have good stories in the gameplay, but I wonder what makes part seven so special and different compared to the other ones.
I would defo say my favourtite is the Walking Dead games and probably RE7 and RE8!

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