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Subjects for quantity surveying

Hi I’m currently a fourth year student studying at National five level I’m about to take my Nat 5 exams first one in 2 days 😣 I’m interested in becoming a quantity surveyor but I am worried about subject choice I currently take Application of mathematics, Biology,History, French chemistry(Nat 4), computing science (Nat 4) I chose to be in Nat 4 for these subjects, im wanting to take next year Higher applications of math , English higher, still deciding on my third higher(any suggestions please tell me) , and business Nat 5 along with woodwork Nat 5 but I’ve been worried as I looked at the university in my city Glasgow ( Glasgow Caledonian of University ) and they say that you have to take Maths they haven’t stated if higher applications of math is included so I’m wondering do they or will they take Higher applications of math. can I get a fast reply please as I am short on time Thank you
Hi there, if the university is asking for maths, they're generally asking for standard maths (not apps), however, my advice would be to email the university admissions team for your course and ask them specifically. They have an online inquiries form where you can ask this question at: https: //

In terms of a final higher, I would say to pick something that you think is quite relevant to the course but still that you enjoy, maybe geography, environmental science, or something along those lines?

Good luck!
Thanks I’ll make sure to do that 🙏

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